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Running smooth IT solutions has never been more secure, having LupsetIT on board. For many years, we’ve been covering the IT needs of individual clients and small business. From IT consultancy, answering all your questions, and going through major IT issues, we are here to assist you.

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Stay secured with our Complete IT Services.


We’re experts in replacing and fixing your computer hardware problems. Starting from screen repairs, keyboard repairs, battery replacements, hard drive fix, power jack repair, hardware replacements, overheating issues, or water damage. At the end of our outstanding service, we’ll issue you al the relevant documentation, test and evaluate the work.


Software configuration, installation, and upgrades are one of our leading IT services. We’ll make every effort, assuring all the installations and configurations, are carried accordingly and ready for your infrastructure to use. If you were stroke by a software fault, rest assured. We’ll run the full diagnostic and resolve the issues.


Whether your network crashes regularly or from time to time, don’t wait for the next failure. Call LupsetIT today! We’ll troubleshoot your network issues, slow workstations, manage your in-house IT infrastructure, solve your internet problems and debug weak internet signals.

Remote IT support

Stay on top of the remote information technology with LupsetIT. We can provide you with a quick, reliable remote IT support and tackle the issues in no time. By accessing your computers remotely, we can see your screens in the actual time and quickly locate the problem.

Data backup and disaster recovery

Protect your data with disaster recovery. Your systems and the whole computing environment must be back up and run without delay. Sufficient back up via the Cloud, other backup solution or onsite, is a must-have for a computing infrastructure.

Email security

Every single business should be aware of the importance of email security. Did you know that cases of backing, phishing, spam, or identity theft are rising every year? Don’t risk your confidential data to purposely or inadvertently be leaked. We can help!

IT consultancy

Get on the right track with IT infrastructure and IT management with LupsetIT consultancy. We’re experienced in vast areas of Information Technology like hardware, software, data recovery, implementing networks, installing software, remote IT support, and even building bespoke websites and online shops. We’ll consult you with a complete understanding of your goals and objectives. Call us for your first professional IT consultancy.

Websites and Web solutions

We’ll guide you through your next web project with special care. Whether you want a simple or a bespoke website, online store, or different web-related services, we’re got you covered. Some of our additional services include but not limits to WordPress, affordable websites, Web hosting, professional emails, social media & online support.
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